As the title suggests, FAILBETTER is failing.
Daring to fail.
In that instance maybe not failing.
Escaping the field of failure and definition.

As a playground of endless possibilites, FAILBETTER creates a landscape of spontaneous relations; to the space, to oneself, in between ourselves; playing with the imaginary of one’s mind. Moments of intimacy, friction and utopia are formed, dissolving almost too fast to be noticed.
The performers find themselves back in an arena of constant attempts to make sense of their words, their actions and their surroundings.
In his new creation Renan Martins draws a thin line between the grotesque and the ordinary where composition becomes a byproduct of the performers’ emotional journey.
The performers are granted full permission to visit their vulnerability, their weakness, their strength…
At times FAILBETTER is more an attempt than an actual piece.


Sa, 29. Juli20:00 Uhr Erwachsene
, Performance
, Tanz

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Siegburger Straße 233w (Hinterhof)
50679 Köln


Choreography: Renan Martins
Created with and performed by: Helena Araujo, Paola Di Bella, Renan Martins and Victor Perez Armero.


Choreographic assistant: Justine Maxelon
In collaboration with: Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Fotos (c) Linda Prušová